MSc Dissertation (by research)

Student Title Defense datesort ascending Details
Diego Gonçalves Favorato Culture Economy and the Regulation of the Film Industry: a comparative approach between Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France and USA. 28/06/2019 MSc dissertation
Christian Ndege Kobunda The Determinants Of Inflation In The Democratic Republic of the Congo: An Econometric Study (2005-2015) 19/06/2019 MSc dissertation
Arthur Osvaldo Colombo Brazilian Deindustrialization in Perspective: Lines of Thought, Formats and Sector Dynamics 11/06/2019 MSc dissertation
Antônio Fernando Costa Pella The Contribution of Innovative Effort to Export Performance: an Analysis for Latin American Countries 29/05/2019 MSc dissertation
Sarah Gonçalves Patrocínio Sartório Memories of an economist: Schact and Germany in the 1920s 09/05/2019 MSc dissertation
Paulo Henrique Amâncio Reis Intergovernmental transfers from the union to states: an analysis of the tax refords and distribution criteria adopted in the 2007-2016 period and an alternative proposal on fiscal equalization 02/05/2019 MSc dissertation
Marcos Vinicius Chaves Morais Sustainability of state public debt and brazilian federalism: an empirical analysis of state public finance in the period 2002 to 2014 13/07/2018 MSc dissertation
Paula da Silva Esquerdo Fiscal Policy and Economic Geograph: a study on the economic growth of municipalities located MUNICIPALITIES LOCATED IN BRAZILIAN STATES BORDERS FOR
05/07/2018 MSc dissertation


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