MSc Dissertation (by research)

Student Title Defense datesort ascending Details
Taiane Cristiane Becaro In search of Schumpeterian contributions to the Theory of Regulation: the Brazilian telecommunications in an evolutionary perspective. 23/08/2013 MSc dissertation
Daniel Corrêa Institutional change and innovation: an application to budget execution and fiscal management 05/08/2013 MSc dissertation
Newton Francisco da Silva Junior Fiscal Restructuring and Adjustment Program (FAP): The case of Espírito Santo State - Brazil in the period 1998-2011. 02/08/2013 MSc dissertation
Rafael Morais Lopes Analysis of the Industrial production of Espírito Santo State - Brazil: performance and predictability by a forecasts combination. 01/08/2013 MSc dissertation
Marco Antonio Rocha Lima Guilherme Fiscal Restructuring and Adjustment Program (FAP): The case of Espírito Santo State – Brazil, in the period 1998-2011. 11/06/2013 MSc dissertation
Elivânia Bezerra de Melo Asymmetries of information, new institutional economics and transaction costs: an analysis of the convergences between Stiglitz and Williamson 10/06/2013 MSc dissertation
Andrea Fernandes Rodrigues External financial fragility: an analysis of the Brazilian economy in the period 1994-2012. 07/06/2013 MSc dissertation
Ary José Apolinário de Souza Júnior Analysis of the productive efficiency and well-being of consumers in the Electric Energy Distribution Sector within the New Brazilian Regulatory Model 07/06/2013 MSc dissertation


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