Theoretical and Applied Macroeconomics

Field of study: Economic Theory
Description: Study of diverse theoretical economics streams conditions for stability and convergence of macroeconomic balance ; nature and properties of the system's structural instability; performing applied macroeconomic research. Research topics include monetary policy transmission mechanisms; inflation targeting and monetary policy credibility; macrodynamics and economic epistemology; fiscal federalism; budget and fiscal policy; forecasting and time series models applied to macroeconomics.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
Coordination of fiscal and monetary policies in Brazil: is there a consistent rule? 22/06/2017 24
05/04/2010 24
01/01/1998 0
01/01/2013 24
01/03/2010 24
EEBC ROCHAS 01/07/2010 24
15/08/2019 24
DESAFIOS 05/05/2016 24
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