Brazilian Deindustrialization in Perspective: Lines of Thought, Formats and Sector Dynamics

Name: Arthur Osvaldo Colombo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 11/06/2019

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Ednilson Silva Felipe Advisor *

Examining board:

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Daniel Pereira Sampaio Co advisor *
Ednilson Silva Felipe Advisor *
Jorge Luiz dos Santos Junior External Examiner *
Robson Antonio Grassi Internal Examiner *

Summary: Since the topic of deindustrialization is of fundamental importance to understand the dynamics, as well as the evolution of the Brazilian transformation industry in recent years, the present work had the objective of analyzing the different characteristics of the Brazilian deindustrialization process. In order to fulfill these objectives, the present work elaborated a review of the main lines of thought that are composed by authors who are prepared to discuss the process of Brazilian deindustrialization from this, it was possible to divide the authors into four strands: i) orthodox, ii) new developmentalism, iii) structuralist and iv) industrialist demonstrating that each presents its peculiarities for the analysis of the process and, in certain points, even converge to a similar conclusion. Using the methodology elaborated by Sampaio (2015) it was possible to conclude that the deindustrialization in Brazil presents more than one format and with different levels of severity. Through the data used it is concluded that there are signs of relative deindustrialization: i) by increasing the technological gap; ii) reduction of domestic content by imported content; and (iii) replacement of the final national product by the imported product. In addition, it was found that by dividing the sectors of the national processing industry according to the OECD methodology, all the technological segments show signs of relative deindustrialization, but these signals are stronger in the sectors of medium-high technological intensity.

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