Evolutionary analisis from Gunnar Myrdal and Ha-Joon Chang Theories

Name: Alana Carvalho Ferreira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 03/07/2017

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Alexandre Ottoni Teatini Salles Advisor *

Examining board:

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Alexandre Ottoni Teatini Salles Advisor *
Rogério Arthmar Internal Examiner *
Taiguara Villela Aldabalde External Examiner *

Summary: This research focused on the theoretical contributions of the Evolutionary Institutional Economy, more specifically on the subsidies of Thorstein Veblen and Geoffrey Hodgson, in order to infer an evolutionary methodology of analysis. Next, we sought to understand the influence of the inferred methodology on selected economic development theories. The elected authors were the institutional economists Gunnar Myrdal and Hay-Joon Chang, whose theories were explored in search of convergences and divergences from inferred evolutionary methodology. The main results pointed to important theoretical convergences in both authors. The centrality and the form of the process of evolution of the analyzed phenomena and the importance of the institutions, in general, is emphasized. Myrdal stood out for his analysis of rooted habits and for his sophistication of the concept of circular causation. Chang stood out for his contribution to the understanding of institutional change.

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