Institutional exchanges program

1) Exchanges currently carried out

PPGEco has a permanent partnership with the Jones da Silva Neves Research Institute (IJSN), which aims to promote joint intellectual production between members of the two institutions. In addition, this partnership enables the participation of IJSN researchers in the Research Seminars held at PPGEco, ensuring the presentation of the works developed by IJSN and also contributes to the holding of the Espírito Santo Economy Meeting, which will go to the third edition in 2012 .

2) Institutional Exchange Projects

2.1) Water and energy for favelas project

The participation of prof. Alain Herscovici at the Project Water and energy for favelas - incubator for young people business as social innovation by the preparation and implementation of models for water and electricity supporting in favelas of Rio de Janeiro based on local natural sources, which will be developed from 2012, UFES will allow institutional exchange with the following universities and institutions: Ekonomická Univerzita V Bratislave, Žilinská Univerzita V Žiline, Univerzity of Economics, Univerzity of Pardubice, University of Granada, Pontifical Catholic University and CAL Consultoria Ambiental LTDA.

In addition, work is being done with the perspective and strategy of attracting visiting Brazilian and foreign professors in the coming years, in order to develop new lines of research.

2.2) Top China Santander Universities Program and Agreement with Kazan Technical University

We are currently working on two cooperation projects with international scientific institutions: the first relates to the Technical University of Kazan, Russia, the second to the Top China Santander Universities program, in China. The scientific and academic cooperation between UFES and the Kazan Technical University was motivated by the joint desire to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, Brazil and Russia, to develop cooperation in their respective areas of knowledge and to define the general rules of this cooperation. Likewise, the cooperation between UFES and Banco Santander S / A to make the Top China Santander Universities program viable was motivated by the improvement of teaching and the opportunity to provide students and teachers with the possibility of establishing and developing relationships with renowned institutions of teaching at renowned Chinese Universities, through participation in programs that have the scope of exchanging students and teachers.

On the other hand, as the participation of different professors in international events and publications points out, we are strengthening cooperation and exchange relations at the international level.

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