Integração com a graduação

The Program has been committed to the task of inserting undergraduate students in their activities, either through Scientific Initiation or through participation in Research Seminars. Today, we have an intern who was allocated specifically for the dissemination and communication of events and opportunities with the Graduation, with the assistance of the secretariat. The professors of the permanent faculty have developed Scientific Initiation projects, promoted and supported by the University.

The proof that this integration with Graduation has been carried out can be verified from five points:

i) All PPGEco permanent professors regularly teach disciplines at undergraduate level, as well as guide students and scientific initiation scholarship holders;

ii) Most permanent professors in the postgraduate program participate in temporary commissions and administrative activities related to graduation;

iii) The activities related to Research and Lectures and Seminars are designed to integrate undergraduate, as already stated, as highlighted by the significant participation of undergraduate students in these activities;

iv) PPGEco students, especially scholarship holders, can assist the program's Teachers with regard to their teaching activities carried out at graduation;

v) There are a considerable number of students entering ME-UFES who have graduated in Economics at UFES;

vi) Research groups coordinated by PPGEco professors have the participation of several undergraduate students.

Teacher Internship:

Master's students who already benefit from PPGEco scholarships can, during the second year of the course, assist teachers in their activities related to undergraduate teaching, within the scope of the Federal University of Espírito Santo.

Doctoral students must do the teaching internship during the course.

The purpose is that all PPGEco students integrate with undergraduate students, at the same time that they obtain pedagogical didactic training and offer support to academic activities for undergraduate education. In this way, they contribute directly to the UFES student community and to the consolidation of their own training, by using, in teaching practice, the knowledge developed at PPGEco.

This involvement of students reinforces the program's commitment to providing integration between all levels of education, from undergraduate to doctorate, as well as promoting solid didactic training for future teachers and, therefore, aligning with the personnel improvement guidelines higher level.

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