Outside activities

In relation to the complementary external activities of PPGEco teachers, among others, the following can be highlighted.

Some PPGEco professors are part of the faculty of other graduate programs:

1) Professor Rogério Arthmar is also accredited as a professor in the Graduate Program in History, UFES;

2) Professor Valdério Anselmo Reisen is accredited as a professor in the Graduate Program in Environmental Engineering, at UFES, and in the Graduate Program in Statistics, at UMFG. The professor is also an effective research member of Laboratoire Signaux et Systèmes, CentraleSupeléc, France;

3) Professor Ednilson Silva Felipe is also a professor in the Professional Master's Program in Engineering and Sustainable Development, at UFES;

4) Professor Alain Pierre Claude Henri Herscovici is also a visiting professor in the Graduate Program in Economics at UFS.

In addition, PPGEco professors have been exchanging with other Programs through systematic participation in defense boards and master's and doctorate qualifications across the country, as can be seen in the various Lattes curricula.

Teachers have collaborated as reviewers for articles from various congresses and journals in the field of economics and related areas. It is also worth mentioning the participation of some professors as members of the Editorial Board of some journals, as an example:

a) Alain Pierre Claude Henri Herscovici: Revista de Economia (UFPR); e, Eptic On-Line (UFS);
b) Alexandre Ottoni Teatini Salles: Entrepreneurship, Business and Innovation Magazine;
c) Edson Zambon Monte: Revista de Economia Aplicada (FEA / USP);
d) Gutemberg Hespanha Brasil: International Transactions in Operational Research;
e) Rogério Arthmar: Revista Estudos Econômicos (USP); Economic Magazine of the Northeast; Contextus; and, Revista de Economia (UFPR);
f) Ricardo Ramalhete Moreira: International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics; and, Journal of Finance & Economics;
g) Valdério Anselmo Reisen: Financial Statistical Journal.

It is also worth mentioning that teachers have contributed to the organization of events and / or congresses, whether national or international, such as, for example: Professor Ricardo Ramalhete Moreira, who is one of the organizing members, among others, of the International Conference on Applied Economics; and, professors Ana Carolina Gilberti, Mariana Fialho Ferreira and Renato Nunes de Lima Seixas, members of the organizing group of the Evidence-Based Public Policies event, a partnership of PPGEco and the Jones dos Santos Neves Institute (IJSN), with the participation of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). Recalling that the IJSN is the body that advises the government of Espírito Santo in the economic area, in state projects and programs and in public policies.

It is also possible to mention the performance of professors with bodies and / or institutions in the state of Espírito Santo, such as: Professor Robson Antonio Grassi was an Advisor for Innovation and Productive Development at the Foundation for the Support of Research and Innovation of the Spirit Santo (FAPES); Professor Ana Carolina Gilberti was Research Director at the Jones dos Santos Neves Institute (IJSN); and, Professor Rogério Arthmar is a member of the Deliberative Council of Banco do Espírito Santo (Banestes);

Some PPGEco professors act as ad hoc consultants to the National Research Council (CNPq) and the Espírito Santo Research and Innovation Foundation (Fapes). Professors Guilherme Armando de Almeida Pereira and Renato Nunes de Lima Seixas have participated in some research with the Jones dos Santos Neves Institute (IJSN), with the aim of evaluating some public policies implemented in Espírito Santo. Professor Edson Zambon Monte coordinated research with the Espírito Santo Research and Innovation Support Foundation (FAPES) and the Jones dos Santos Neves Institute (IJSN), in order to assess the demand and supply for metrology services in the State of Holy Spirit. Professor Valdério Anselmo Reisen has developed research with the State Institute of Environment and Water Resources (IEMA), related to air pollution.

Finally, it is emphasized that exchanges, research projects and institutional collaborations of an international nature have also been a characteristic of PPGEco-UFES in recent years. Although still concentrated in a few PPGEco / UFES professors, the current branching of these relations with other countries represents an important opportunity for PPG professors and students. Academic connections and collaborations have been carried out with institutions of high worldwide reputation, such as University of Manchester (England), The University of Western Australia (UWA), SUPÈLEC-Paris, Universidad del País Vasco (Spain), University of Waterloo (England) , PUC-Santiago (Chile), University of Porto (Portugal), University od Debrecen (Hungary) and Chiang Mai University (Thailand).

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