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Important efforts have been made to develop the regional impact of the program, based on the following elements: part of the seminars organized by the program is directly related to the economic problems of the State of Espírito Santo, notably the Project "Encontro de Economia do Espírito Santo". In this regard, there was a rapprochement with regional institutions, such as GERES (Executive Group for Economic Recovery of the State of Espírito Santo), Bandes (Development Bank of Espírito Santo), FAPES (Research Support Foundation of Espírito Santo ) and CORECON (Regional Council of Economics of Espírito Santo). The strengthening of relations with the Jones Santo Neves Institute, with the participation in seminars, goes in the same direction.

Additionally, the Center for Studies and Research on the Development of Espírito Santo - CEPEDES has been playing a fundamental role in deepening studies related to the economy of Espírito Santo, allowing the opening of new research fronts that are related to the specificities of the local economy.

The Capixaba Development Observatory - ODC, an agreement made in partnership with IFES (Federal Institute of Espírito Santo), IJSN (Jones dos Santos Neves Institute and PPGEA (Graduate Program in Environmental Engineering / UFES) prints the dynamism in research and actions aimed at the local economy, in addition to training the Regional Development Councils of Espírito Santo.

The Research Seminars promoted by PPGEco offer the opportunity to exchange with institutions in Espírito Santo, through the participation of guests from other sectors of the Economy, private colleges, research institutions and other public bodies.


PPGEco-UFES has contributed to the formation of research staff in other smaller institutions, in particular at the Jones dos Santos Neves Research Institute (IJSN), which has some graduates of the program in its body of researchers.


Since 2013, PPGEco opted for public transparency, implementing the new website and online tools. Frequent updates seek to provide visitors with information about the various aspects of the program. The website also provides information on completed dissertation defenses, information on seminars and events, among others of public interest.

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