The Women's Social Condition in the Veblenian Institutional Economics Approach

Name: Ariella Lopes Matias
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 28/06/2019

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Alexandre Ottoni Teatini Salles Advisor *

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Alexandre Ottoni Teatini Salles Advisor *
Carolina Miranda Cavalcante External Examiner *
Rogério Arthmar Internal Examiner *

Summary: Gender inequality is persistent in many areas, despite advances in the last decades. For this reason, the investigation of its origin and the reasons for its permanence is essential. In Brazil, the institutionalist view regarding the gender issue is still little studied. This dissertation aims to present the contribution of Veblenian Institutional Economics to the study of the feminine condition. The choice of this school of economic thought as the central point of the research is due to Thorstein Veblen's unique perspective on the subject. In her theory, gender inequality assumes a fundamental role in the origin of present-day institutions, such as private property, marriage, the patriarchal family, the social division of labor, and the class system. In order to fulfill this objective, we contextualize the discussion regarding the women in the antecedent period to the Veblen from Adam Smith, William Thompson, Anna Wheeler and John Stuart Mill. Thus, a theoretical redemption of the work of Veblen on the condition of the woman is realized. Finally, we synthesize some Veblen-inspired applications of Institutional Economics on gender issues in a more up-to-date context.

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