The Vitoria City (Brazil) Cultural Plan 2014-2024 : an analysis from the Cultural Economics point of view

Name: Marcus Vinicius Pansera Figueiredo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 24/06/2019

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Alain Pierre Claude Henri Herscovici Co-advisor *
Robson Antonio Grassi Advisor *

Examining board:

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Ednilson Silva Felipe Internal Examiner *
Robson Antonio Grassi Advisor *
Victor Neves de Souza External Examiner *

Summary: This research scrutinizes the public policy for culture of Vitória (ES) during the
implementation of the City Plan for Culture 2014 – 2014 from the Cultural Economics point of view, aiming to determine whether the City Plan for Culture was concocted and is being carried out in a fashion that deals with the structural challenges of the cultural sector. The research divided the sectorial analysis in six vertices: concepts definition, supply of cultural goods and services, the demand, the cultural work force condition, concerning points about the cultural capital and the financing of culture. Firstly, the research traced out the idiosyncrasies of each analysis vertex based on the Cultural
Economics literature, afterwards discussed a cultural policy model within the Agenda 21 for Culture, thus take upon the case of Vitória (ES). The research signaled that, even though the documents that guides the actions of the city cultural policy has been constructed in a robust manner, there is a gap between what was planned and what was put in action. In such manner, the policy in its whole does not show the necessary element to overcome the cultural sector structural challenges, i.e., the public policy for culture of Vitória do not carry out actions that deal with the bottlenecks indicated by Cultural Economics. Thus, it is advised that the actions should be focused on the structure of the cultural market, e.g., professionalization of the workers of the cultural
sector, legal measures to regulate cultural professions and promotion of recognition of different values that there are in the cultural goods and services produced in the city.

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