Funding agencies and partnerships

PPGEco participates annually in the PROCAP notice, which is the Training Program of the Espírito Santo Research Support Foundation - FAPES. This program finances the granting of scholarships to masters and doctoral students, selected within the criteria for granting scholarships defined by the PPGEco Internal Regulations. The program also participates in the CAPES Social Demand Scholarship Program. The program quota grants are allocated, when available, according to the student's classification in the selection process.

In the scope of the research, the program's professors have obtained public resources (federal and state) to finance research projects that, in addition to generating knowledge resulting from the research carried out, promotes the training of researchers linked to the master's and doctorate courses and students of graduation through Scientific Initiation (CI) programs.

CNPq supports our professors with research productivity grants, aid for research projects (Universal and specific calls for proposals) and aid for the participation of teachers in events abroad.

FAPES has been supporting our program on different fronts, such as individual aids (Universal and others), integrated research aid, assistance to participation in events for our teachers, among others.

PROAP/CAPES, despite its small resources, is extremely important for the functioning of PPGEco, because with it we can pay tickets and daily fees for teachers and students to participate in scientific events with presentation of papers, external members to participate in newsstands and seminars and small expenses to cover demands for consumables for carrying out the surveys.

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